The best ophthalmology centers in Iran

Iran is one of the poles of ophthalmology in the Middle East and Asia and experienced doctors in the country treat patients. The skill of Iranian physicians along with the use of modern and standard equipment has led to the establishment of world class ophthalmology centers in Iran and many people from around the country to visit these prestigious centers for treatment. The best ophthalmology centers in Iran offer various treatments, some of which are unique in the world.

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In addition, there are many research associations and centers in Iran that produce science in the field of ophthalmology. Here’s a look at the best ophthalmology hospitals and centers in Iran.

Ophthalmology in Iran

Ophthalmology in Iran has been around for several hundred years, and in the texts of scientists such as Ibn Sina and Zakaria Razi we understand that traditional methods of eye treatment have been used in the past. In the last 40 years, a large number of physicians educated in the West have returned to Iran and brought this science to Iran in a modern way. In recent decades, many ophthalmology centers have been set up in different parts of Iran that serve different people.

• Noor Eye Hospitals

Noor Specialized Eye Hospitals are a collection of several specialized ophthalmology centers in several parts of Tehran and Karaj. The first branch of these centers was established in 2000 as the first specialized ophthalmology center in Iran and many patients consider it one of the best ophthalmology centers in Iran.
In addition to using the most advanced ophthalmology equipment in Iran, these hospitals also perform ophthalmic surgeries and eye lenses & glasses.
Officials at the hospitals have also set up an ophthalmology research center, whose scientific achievements are being used in various surgeries.

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• Negah Eye Hospital
This hospital is also one of the best specialized centers of ophthalmology in Iran and its surgeons are specialized in retina, glaucoma, strabismus, cornea and other ophthalmic tissues and perform many surgeries in this field.

• Bina Eye Hospital

The center is one of the specialized hospitals of ophthalmology in Tehran and many foreign patients use its services daily to treat their eye diseases.

• Farabi Eye Hospital
This hospital is nicknamed the Ophthalmic Pole in Iran, due to its high production of science in the research centers of this hospital. Many patients of this hospital are from other cities of Iran.

• Dr Khodadoust Hospital

The hospital was founded by Dr. Ali Asghar Khodadoust in Shiraz and is one of the best ophthalmology centers in the southern part of Iran. Dr. Khodadoust was one of the most experienced ophthalmologists in Iran and the United States who had many eye surgeries and taught many courses at Johns Hopkins University in the United States.

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• Basir Eye Clinic

Basir Eye Clinic is one of the best specialized ophthalmology centers in Iran, located in Tehran. Many foreign patients are treated daily at the center, especially from the Arabic countries in Middle East and around Persian Gulf.

Basir Eye Clinic is one of the best specialized ophthalmology centers in Iran, located in Tehran with pars med tour

At the end

If you are interested in receiving specialized ophthalmology services, you can use these centers because they cost is less in addition to high quality, in comparison to reputable medical centers in other parts of Asia and the world.

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