Booking Flight to Iran

If you plan to fly to Iran, first you need to have some brief information about air travel and booking flight to Iran. In this post we will try to provide you with enough information. But if after reading this page you still have questions, contact to our consulting team and ask more.

Iran Airports

Before booking flight to Iran, first you have to know more about Iran’s airoirts. However there are direct flights to Mashhad & Tabriz from some neighboring countries such as Iraq and Turkey, but Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport is usually the route for air travelers to Iran. This airport, which is 30 km from Tehran, was built especially for international flights.

But Tehran also has another airport for flights inside Iran. The airport is called Mehrabad and is located near Azadi Tower in west of Tehran. So if you plan to travel between cities in Iran you should use Mehrabad airport.

Other cities in Iran also have airports and daily flights between cities.

Pars Med Tour is ready for booking flights to Iran with best prices.

How to book flight to Iran?

There are many flights to Iran from different countries daily. If you are planning for booking flight to Iran, Pars Med Tour can be your best choice in choosing and booking the most suitable flights. Depending on the country of origin and the traveler’s conditions, different options can be offered. You may be looking for the easiest way or the price is the most important parameter for you or even you want the shortest possible flight time. We work with all airlines to review your application and offer you the right options.

How to book a flight by Pars Med Tour

If you are planning a business trip, tourism or medical & cosmetic trip to Iran, contact to us to know more about booking flight to Iran. We will do our best to book your flight ticket in the shortest possible time.

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