Pars Med Tour offers Cataract surgery in Iran with ideal results at 1300$ for one eye.
Pars Med Tour offers Cataract surgery in Iran with ideal results at 1300$ for one eye.

Cataract surgery in Iran

In Iran, as in other parts of the world, cataract is a major epidemic eye problem, especially among the elderly. But thanks to the expertise of Iranian ophthalmologists and affordable cost of ophthalmology services in Iran, Iranians do not have a lot stress about this problem. If you also want to enjoy the benefits Iranian cataract treatment in Iran, read more about it in this page and contact us.

What is cataract?

The eyes undergo metamorphosis with the increase in the age and the onset of the appearance of aging symptoms in the body. At first, the near vision decreases, which can be resolved by wearing the glasses, but the lens gradually denatures due to aging and the vision is diminished.

Cataract, as one of the most common visual impairments and the main cause of blindness in the world, is an eye disease that begins with blurred lens and is followed by vision impairment with the increase in the lens blurredness and turbidity. The lens is made of water and protein and is transparent so that light can pass through it. Occasionally, some of these proteins denature due to the effects of the free radicals, leading to the turbidity of some parts of the lens. Naturally, when the lens becomes turbid and loses its ability to focus light on the retina, the images are not formed well on the retina and thus the individual sees opaque and turbid images.

The progression rate of cataracts varies among different people. The age-related cataracts develop gradually over a several-year period, while it may progress quickly within a few months in young people and those with diabetes. Another notable point is that the cataracts are not painful, yet the delayed treatment can have many adverse consequences which may lead to complete blindness of one or both eyes.

In the end, if you are suffering from cataracts, our experts in Pars Med Tour can help you resolve this problem.

Is the surgery the best way to get rid of cataract?

In the early stages, when only a small fraction of the lens becomes turbid, cataracts may not cause serious problems so that the visual problem can be made tolerable using powerful light and appropriate glasses. However, since cataracts mostly appear among the elderly, this process continues in most of the cases and a larger part of the lens becomes turbid, resulting in an impaired vision. This is the point where surgery is necessary for improving the visual acuity. Today, cataract surgery is a low-risk and highly effective operation which yields successful outcomes and significantly improves the vision in more than 95% of cases.

What are the causes of cataracts?

  • Aging (the most common cause)
  • Systemic diseases like diabetes
  • Smoking and heavy (excessive) alcohol use
  • Long-term use of some medications such as Cortone (cortisone acetate)
  • Head or eye traumas which cause lens feeding disorders
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight, X-rays, or gamma rays radiated from old TVs
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet light)
  • Congenital problems
  • Nutrition without sufficient fruits and vegetables leading to the shortage of vitamins and antioxidants

What are the early symptoms of cataracts?

  • Blurred vision that occurs more commonly in bright light
  • Reduced visual acuity at night or in extreme light
  • Faded colors
  • Diplopia (double vision)
  • Turbidity and color change of the pupils from black to gray or milky
  • Feeling the presence of a curtain on the eyes (cloudy vision)
  • Feeling the need for replacing the glasses

These symptoms may also be present in other eye diseases; therefore, in case of observing any of them, consult with an ophthalmologist for an absolute and exact diagnosis.

Why is cataract timely diagnosis and treatment important?

According to the World Health Organization’s statistics, the age-related cataracts are the leading cause of blindness worldwide accounting for 48% of the blindness cases, which mount to 18 million people. Hence, appropriate diagnosis and treatment of the disease are very effective so that cataracts in the developed countries lead to blindness in only 5% of the cases, while accounting for 50% of the blindness cases in poor countries. In recent years, improved life expectancy has led to an increased number of patients with cataracts. Studies indicate that the probability of cataracts morbidity is increased up to 50% after the age of 75.

Cataract is not a contagious disease and cannot spread from one eye to the other. Although there are many people with cataracts in both eyes, the progression rate of the disease is not necessarily the same in both eyes.

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Why Iran is ideal for cataract surgery?

The ophthalmology has a high status in Iran and it is a highly developed medical field. The Iranian eye specialists have expanded their knowledge and expertise because of the high demand for ophthalmology services. Furthermore, Iran has numerous modern first-class eye hospitals and the affordable cost, so it is very logical for everyone to choose Iran as ophthalmology treatment destination.

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Pars Med Tour offers Cataract surgery in Iran with ideal results at 1300$ for one eye.