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Dental Implant in Iran

Nowadays, dental implant has become one of the most widely used treatments in dentistry in Iran as in other developed countries in the world. In addition to the features that dental implants have compared to traditional treatments, they have other benefits in Iran.These benefits such as very reasonable prices and the skill of doctors,bring many people to Iran annually for their dental implants.

If you would like to know more about dental implants and treatments in Iran, we recommend you continue reading this page.

Dental Implants, a great revolution in dentistry

Today, dental implants fortunately have made it easy to deal with dental problems resulting from toothlessness or edentulism. Not exaggeratively, It is no exaggeration to say that implant has revolutionized dentistry and prompted a great development in dental surgeries. Losing one or more teeth is a hard and even intolerable problem for many people, meanwhile having a significant impact on the face and, more importantly, on spirit and self-confidence of an individual. For several reasons, any person is likely to face toothlessness, which is a problem that had no solution except the use of dentures teeth until not so long ago. Due to their appearance and some other problems, the dentures couldn’t satisfy the patients. Moreover, these dentures not only accelerated the bone resorption process, but also caused mental problems for the patient, in addition to malnutrition and maldigestion problems.

The shape of an implant is similar to the root of a natural tooth, thus the use of dental implants can help retrieving not only the natural chewing ability but alsdo the natural face and beautiful smile. Implants can be used since the age of 15 for women and 18 for men.

Implantology is the outcome of the most recent research and state-of-the-art technologies in the world. Placing a dental implant on the jaw is a not so much difficult treatment which is associated with no complications. The dental implant plays the same role as the original teeth until the individual is dead. Among different methods of tooth root replacement, dental implant is a perfect alternative since embraces both the root and the crown of a tooth.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is a titanium base component compatible with the body cells, which is implanted in the jaw bone and replaces the missing tooth. Dental implants are used as appropriate and permanent alternatives for replacing one or more missing teeth. Once placed in the jawbone by the dentist, the implant is fused with the jawbone through ossification (osteogenesis) of the osteoblasts on the implant’s surface. This fusion process (osseointegration process) may last 3 to 4 months. Then, the prefabricated tooth cover and crown are placed on the base to give a beautiful and natural appearance to the patient’s  teeth.

Different parts of common implants

Dental implants have different types and accordingly,their application is different. But as a general division it can be said that the dental implant consists of:

  • Fixture 

This component acts as the artificial root of the tooth and can be considered as the most important part of whole dental implant set. It is usually made of pure titanium or titanium alloys with aluminum and vanadium to increase strength and toughness so that it can avoid being rejected by the body.

The dentist places the fixture in the dental cavity of the extracted tooth or the cavity drilled by himself. Then the dentist covers it with a cover screw and stitch the gum onto it. Typically, a few months are required for the fixture to be fully fused with the jaw bone.

Due to the fact that fixture is in direct contact with jawbone and gingiva, the precision in its production is of particular importance. These fixators are manufactured by special CNC machines in different sizes, cutting speeds, and diameters and are then provided for the dentists. The fixtures must have surfaces with microscopic smoothness.

  • Cover Screw

It is a small screw installed to prevent penetration of contamination and blood into the fixture. As soon as the implant is placed inside the jay, the cover screw is immediately placed on the implant and is removed in the second stage, during which the abutment is mounted on the fixture. It is designed in such a way that it can be placed completely and precisely inside the fixture in order to fit into the fixture perfectly.

  • Abutment

The tooth crown or the prosthetic tooth is fixed on the fixture by the abutment. In other words, abutment is an interface between the tooth crown and the fixture.

Location of the implant and type of the appropriate system for the intended purpose can be determined only through the examinations performed by the dentist and considering other conditions. Selecting an appropriate implant requires considering the size and density of the jaw bone, the number, position, and strength of the individual’s natural teeth, gum conditions, as well as the number and conditions of the teeth in the opposite jaw. During an implant operation, if there is not sufficient bone for the implant placement, some bone can be grafted from other parts, of course in some particular conditions.

When is the best time for dental implant?

In case of tooth loss, tooth extraction, or after a prolonged recovery period, the implant can be immediately replaced for it. If a lost tooth is not immediately replaced with an implant, it may lead to bone resorption, decreased chewing ability, and tilted (misaligned) side teeth.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  • Advantages such as comfort, high resistance, and applicability
  • Restoration of natural chewing ability and wonderful beauty
  • With the use of implants, other teeth are not sacrificed for replacement of the lost tooth
  • The implant base, just like the tooth root, is positioned inside the bone, and thus the jaw bone is not resorbed due to the support by the implant. Therefore, the face’s form undergoes less changes resulting from the tooth loss.
  • Normally, the life span of a dental implant is longer than the other alternative treatments, and also if the implant is lost, it can be replaced again.

Is a dental implant rejected?

No, dental implants, unlike other types of graftings (e.g. heart, kidneys, lungs, etc.), are not rejected because titanium is a metal that is completely compatible with body’s environment. But the implant loss may occur for some other reasons, including:

  • Improper Surgery
  • Trauma (injury and stroke) to the dental implant immediately after surgery
  • Inappropriate prosthesis and unbalanced force distribution
  • And most importantly, poor maintenance of the oral hygiene measures by the patient
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Iran, an ideal choice for dental implant

Today Iran is a great destination for dental treatments like Implant, because the dentistry is a highly developed medical field in Iran. The high demand for dental treatments has helped Iranian dentists to expand their knowledge and expertise in dentistry. Modern dental clinics and the affordable cost of dental services are also good reasons to choose Iran as dental treatment destination.

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