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What are dental veneers & laminates?

Dental Veneers & Laminates in Iran like other countries are used by the dentist to reconstruct and restore the  eroded, broken, cracked, or blackened teeth. In cosmetic treatments, an artful placement and arrangement of multiple layers of veneer material can result in the smile beautification. Such types of material are placed on the tooth in such a way that they correct the form and color of the tooth and also give a specially unique appearance to the smiles by creating a beautiful and shiny color on the teeth. The composite veneer method is also known as urgent orthodontia or facing.

The major application of the veneers & laminates is the correction of tooth color. It is very common that the individual referring to the dentist has previously assumed a particular for his/her teeth, which is impossible it be whitened by other tooth whitening methods. In such cases, the best choice is the use of dental veneers & laminates, which would lead to the creation of a beautiful smile. The new-generation of veneers & laminates featured with non-porosity, excellent polishability, and longer lifespan (durability), in addition to their high strength.

For applying a veneer & laminate, the dentist should first cleanse the teeth and then scale them to obtain a clean surface for placement of the veneer. Afterwards, the teeth should be dried and cleaned out of any moisture or saliva in order to prevent any impairements or disorders in the bonding material’s performance. Finally, the veneer or laminate material is placed on the tooth.

What is the difference between Veneers & Laminates?

You may have heard other names besides veneer like Porcelain, Composite Veneers, Lumineers , Laminates & etc from your doctors and those around you. What really is the difference?

First of all, we should note that all of these names have one purpose in the end – to improve the appearance of the teeth and ultimately to create teeth that are harmonious with each other without any apparent flaws.

First, it can be said that these names are not much different. Depending on your taste, the end result you expect and the condition and type of your teeth, the dentist will choose the right material for you. But in general the above names can be subdivided into two groups:

  1. Veneers, Composite Veneers and Lumineers

They are made of composite material. The distinctive feature of this group is its high strength and generally lower cost than ceramic materials. However, during treatment, composite materials are usually formulated in one session.

  1. Laminates, Porcelain and Veneer Porcelain

They are made of ceramic and usually make a more attractive smile because of the light reflection. On the other hand, maintenance of this group is more sensitive than veneers, and in addition to being slightly more costly, treatment with these substances may take two or three sessions.

How should we care about teeth after veneer/laminate?

  • Brush your teeth regularly to take care of your teeth.
  • Toothbrushes alone cannot clean all interdental spaces, so it is better to use dental floss.
  • Be careful that eating stiff food can damage the veneer/laminate-restored teeth and cause their erosion.
  • After serving the drinks such as tea and coffee or eating the stain-containing foods, brush your teeth. This is more important in the case of veneer.

What are the advantages of veneer/laminate?

  • Natural and eye-catching beauty due to the reflection of light. This is more evident in laminate.
  • Very high strength and robustness
  • No need for numbness during the treatment process

Longevity of veneer/laminate?

Durability of the veneer/laminate, just like the natural teeth, depends on the patient’s health, bad habits such as nail biting, gnashing, diet, and teeth material; nevertheless, it can be said that if the process is performed accurately and precisely and the veneer/laminate is properly bonded to the underlying tooth along with the patient’s maintenance to the necessary care measures, veneer/laminate is one of the longest-lasting, if not permanent, dental treatments.

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Pars Med Tour-offering tourism and medical tourism services in Iran-Chat us on whatsapp 00989901845068
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