Pars Med Tour offers dermatoplasty in Iran with ideal results, starts from ...$.
Pars Med Tour offers dermatoplasty in Iran with ideal results, starts from ...$.

Dermatoplasty in Iran

With the help of modern medical equipment, Iran has made great advances in the field of dermatoplasty and scars & acne removal treatments. If you are one of the people who have scars on your skin and want to get rid of them, Iran and Pars Med Tour would help you. Just read more and contact us.

Removing burn, acne & scars by Dermatoplasty

Various factors lead to lack of confidence in people, such as changes in the color and appearance of skin, or the effects left by various factors. These factors include:

  • Acne scars and blackheads
  • Various skin lesions, such as moles and skin tumors
  • Tattoos and various marks on the skin
  • Scars of previous surgical operations
  • Prominent skin lesions caused by age or sunlight
  • Depleted (atrophic) scars

Fortunately, with many advances in the field of laser, it can be said with certainly that these problems are now easily treatable with non-invasive methods, without any surgical procedures.

Advantages of dermatoplasty

The advantages of this type of treatment include:

  • Low number of sessions (generally one session).
  • No necessity for anesthesia and medication.
  • Lack of wounds and pain.
Iran is an ideal choice for medical tourism, because of affordable cost & world-class specialists.

Iran, an ideal choice for Dermatoplasty

Today Iran is a great destination for cosmetic and skin care services. The high demand for skin care services has helped Iranian dermatologists to expand their knowledge and expertise. Modern skin Care clinic and the affordable cost of beauty services are also good reasons to choose Iran as medical and beauty services destination.

Are you tired of Skin problems? JUST CONTACT US

If you have decided to have a trip on Iran to get beauty services and get rid of some skin scars,Pars Med Tour is ready to arrange your trip to Iran. We will treat you in a luxury clinic with affordable prices which specialized in beauty services. Furthermore we manage all parts of your trip such as Visa, booking hotel and flight, airport pick-up, interpreter and in short, everything you need in Iran for an ideal treatment.

Pars Med Tour offers dermatoplasty in Iran with ideal results, starts from ...$.

Contact Pars Med Tour on +989125089273. We offer all you need for a travel or medical tourism in Iran.

What we offers you :

Dermatoplasty and scars & acne removal treatments: We are beside you at all stages of treatment such as medical images, laboratory tests, medicines and even post-treatment care and follow-up.

Pick-up, transfer & interpreter: Private transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa and from hotel to clinic. The interpreter will be with you throughout the process.

Half a day trip in Tehran: Prepare yourself for an exciting half a day trip in Tehran. We offer you the Historic Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

Visa: Iran visa authorization code.

Other recommanded services :
(may include fees)

Flight: Booking your flight to Iran at great prices

Accommodation: Booking all kinds of accommodation such as hotel,apartment and villas cheaper than elsewhere.

Tour Packages: Planning different tourism and specialized tours in different fields in Tehran or other cities in Iran.