All kinds of Ophthalmology Services in Iran are provided with the best quality and price by Pars Med Tour.

Why is Iran a suitable choice for Ophthalmology services?

Exhibiting rapid advances in Ophthalmology services in recent years, Iran currently ranks among the top 15 countries around the world and the first top country in Middle-east in the field of ophthalmology. Besides, Iran is considered as a rival for advanced European countries in this regard. Having skillful Ophthalmologists, utilizing high-tech equipment and facilities, along with affordable prices have made Iran as a suitable choice for ophthalmology services and prompt many people to travel to Iran for ophthalmic treatments every year.

Pars Med Tour, your partner in Iran

Pars Med Tour is proud to offer a wide range of ophthalmology services including treatments of refractory defects, LASEK and LASIK surgeries, cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye and eyelid problems in modern clinics and medical centers equipped with the world’s state-of-the-art equipment and by the best ophthalmologists in the region. For your convenience, some of the most common ophthalmology services are provided in separate packages but do not worry if you cannot find what you want. Just stay in contact with us. Pars Med Tour will be with you until the end of the treatment procedure.

The most popular ophthalmology services

Pars Med Tour offers LASEK/LASIK eye surgery in Iran with ideal results, starts from 525$ for each eye.
Pars Med Tour offers keratoplasty (corneal) in Iran with ideal results, starts from 2800$.
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Pars Med Tour offers Strabismus surgery in Iran with ideal results, starts from 1650$.

Why is eye important?

The eye is the most sensitive body organ, meanwhile being exposed to numerous environmental threats. Eye care to prevent illness is much easier and less costly than treating the disease because, during the disease course, a patient may lose some of his/her vision, besides undergoing the costs.

Regardless of age and physical health, any person should have periodic and regular eye examinations. It is necessary for any person to undergo ophthalmologic examinations for the likelihood of the need for glasses or the presence of eye diseases. Also, ophthalmological examinations for children play an important role in ensuring their vision health as well as their academic achievement.

A specialized ophthalmological examination covers thorough and careful examinations of various refractive errors, such as hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism, as well as the disorders of eye vessels, cornea, retina, and other parts of the eyes.

Major ophthalmology services

Eye Laser Surgery or LASEK/LASIK

In LASEK and LASIK surgeries, the cornea is deformed by laser radiation, as a result of which the refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia are corrected.


Cataracts, being among the most common visual impairment and one of the three main causes of blindness, is an eye disease that begins with blurred lens and the vision is impaired with the increase in the lens blurring and turbidity. The lens is made of water and protein and is transparent so that light can pass through it. Occasionally, some of these proteins are affected by free radicals, leading to the turbidity of some parts of the lens. Naturally, when the lens becomes turbid and loses its ability to focus the light on the retina, the image is not formed well on the retina, and thus the person sees the images in opaque and turbid fashion.

Droopy Eyelid or Ptosis

Eyelids are the eye shields which, through a quick reaction, protect the eyes against penetration of any foreign bodies. Unfortunately, the eyelids are sometimes opened less than they should, resulting in the decreased visual field. This unpleasant disorder is called eyelid droop or ptosis, which is one of the curable cosmetic and vision problems worldwide.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid cosmetic surgery

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgery which is done to correct eyelid changes and make the appearance younger and happier. Blepharoplasty, as one of the most common eye cosmetic surgery procedures, significantly improves the appearance and provides the individual with a younger and fresher face by removing the excess skin, fat, and muscle and repositioning the eyelids.

Strabismus or Eye Muscle Surgery

Strabismus is the inability of the two eyes to maintain proportionate alignment and collaboration with each other as a single device or a complication that results from non-alignment of the two eyes. In other words, when the eyes are not in the same direction and do not look at the same object simultaneously, the person has an eye divergence, strabismus, or skew deviation.


Glaucoma refers to the damage and degeneration of the optic nerve, which is commonly associated with high eye pressure and can result in vision loss and blindness if not treated. Since the vision loss begins from the peripheral field of vision, the onset of disease and degeneration of the optic nerve is associated with no symptoms even up to the progressed stages; therefore, the patient realizes the problem at the ending stage of the disease when the damage has reached the central parts of the vision field and the vision is has decreased significantly.

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