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In addition to tourist attractions such as monuments that the general public can use, specialized and scientific tours in various fields such as zoology, environment, engineering sciences, architecture & … is arranged specially for you by Pars Med Tour. For these special $ scientific packages, just think a little about your area of expertise, contact our experts and submit your request. We coordinate tours that fewer people in Iran do.

Iran is a wonderful destination for tourism. Contact us on +989125089273 to know more.

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Imagine that you are studying at a college of zoology or bioscience and intend to hold a spider science camp, if you do not have a suitable environment for animal diversity in your country of study, you need somewhere with a great spider diversity for the best results in you project. you can choose Iran is an ideal choice for you.

Or you are an architect and want to have a student scientific research, you need somewhere with ancient civilization and traditional context far from modernity changes. Unique historical and traditional Iranian architecture especially in the cities of Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and Kerman are very great for you.

Or, for example, you are an astronomer looking for a starry sky with no light pollution. Do you know central and eastern regions of Iran are made for you to make yourself an unforgettable memory from their night sky?

You are a scholar of the history of civilization and not yet acquainted with Susa, one of the oldest social and urban civilizations of human history?

And more & more about Iran and it’s undiscovered wonders.

Iran is a wonderful destination for tourism. Contact us on +989125089273 to know more.
Iran is a wonderful destination for tourism. Contact us on +989125089273 to know more.

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If you have read this page, there may be a spark in your mind in your area of ​​expertise. If you still have questions about Iran, contact to our consulting team and find out more about details in Iran. We will do our best to plan a memorable trip for you.

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