Pars Med Tour offers Glaucoma surgery in Iran with the best results, starts from 1700$.
Pars Med Tour offers Glaucoma surgery in Iran with the best results, starts from 1700$.

Glaucoma Surgery in Iran

If you’re searching for a place to get a safe glaucoma surgery, Iran is an ideal option because of its affordable cost and world-class ophthalmologists. To help you understand what it is like to undergo your surgery in Iran, please read this page to know all about glaucoma surgery in Iran.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to the damage and degeneration of the optic nerve, which occurs commonly associated with high eye pressure and, if not treated, can result in blindness. In most cases, the disease occurs in its primary form and without any specific reason; however, in some cases, it also occurs in its secondary form caused by various factors such as severe traumas, diabetic bleeding, eye strokes (retinal artery occlusion), over-use of the cortisone-containing drugs, etc.

This disease is initially asymptomatic, but it can lead to a decreased vision, followed ultimately by blindness, in few years. Early diagnosis and treatment of the disease can prevent its progress and vision reduction in the patient.

Who is most at risk for glaucoma?

Glaucoma can be present as a silent disease in any person at any age. Yet, the following groups are considered with higher risk:

  1. Individuals aged above 40 years.
  2. Individuals with a history of this disease in their family.

About 2% of the people in the community have glaucoma, and nearly 50% of those with glaucoma are not even aware of their disease. Early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma can help prevent vision reduction or blindness of the patient.

What are the glaucoma symptoms?

As for this disease, since the vision loss begins from the peripheral field of vision, the onset of the disease and degeneration of the optic nerve are associated with no symptoms even up to the progressed stages; therefore, the patient realizes the problem at the ending stage of the disease when the damage has reached the central parts of the vision field and also the vision has decreased significantly. At this stage, the patient has no side view, which resembles looking around through a tube.

Many people think that they may have glaucoma if they have high eye pressure, but this is not always the case. The high eye pressure increases the risk of glaucoma, but high ocular pressure is not necessarily the indication of glaucoma. Diagnosis of this disease is possible only through an ophthalmic examination, including examination of the optic nerve and eye angle as well as measurement of the eye pressure.

Iran is an ideal choice for medical tourism, because of affordable cost & world-class specialists.

Why Iran for glaucoma surgery?

Iran is the top country in the Middle East and among the top 15 countries in the world in ophthalmology. Keep in mind that along with the affordable prices of ophthalmology services and modern, well-equipped clinics are reasons for foreign patients to have glaucoma in Iran.

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