Pars Med Tour offers Hair Transplant in Iran with ideal results, starts from 790$.
Pars Med Tour offers Hair Transplant in Iran with ideal results, starts from 790$.

Hair Transplant & Restoration in Iran

Hair loss has been one of the problems that people have faced since a long time ago. It is experienced especially by men. But if you’re having such a problem, do not worry anymore, because our experienced and expert physicians in Iran have solved this problem using modern science, technology, and therapies. You can Read more about hair transplant & restoration in Iran in this post and use our free consulting.

Why is attention to hair loss important?

Undoubtedly, hair loss is one of the most unpleasant problems a person encounters during his lifetime. People who are suffering from a massive hair loss appear to be older, and this can lead to depression and lack of confidence in the person.

Hair transplant is for all facial parts

Hair loss may occur in the head, eyebrows, eyelashes or face. Hair transplantation and restoration is a permanent solution for restoring natural hair and consequently, youthfulness, beauty and self-confidence to a person.

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  • Head Hair

There are about 80,000 to 100,000 hair strands on the head, more than 80% of which are growing. The average rate of daily hair loss is 50 to 100 strands. When a hair strand falls, a new strand is replaced. But the problem begins when the hair falls out in a higher number and faster than growth of new hair, or the growth of new hair becomes weak. In this case, after a while, the total number of hair is reduced and the person realizes that the volume of his hair is decreased. The most common causes of hair loss are hormones, genetics, stress, and depression.

  • Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important and distinguishing features of the face. The number of those who have eyebrows transplantation and reconstruction and exit the clinic with satisfaction is much higher than a few years ago, and eyebrow transplantation has become a very popular method. Although the eyebrows take up a small area in the face, but transplanting them needs precision, experience and knowledge in the field of anatomy, eyebrow-shape design, and eyebrow transplant extraction.

  • Eyelashes

Many people, especially women, have lost their confidence because of the lack of eyelashes, and even their normal lives have been disturbed. Even in some cases, the person is forced to use artificial eyelashes every day. People with severe illnesses -such as cancer- which go through chemotherapy and take certain medications, may lose their eyelashes, and have a bad feeling about it. Fortunately, transplantation can be used for all of these people. Natural eyelashes make them feel happy and satisfied.

  • Facial hair

Facial hair transplantation is an operation in which the hair is planted in areas where hair growth is weak or absent in the face such as mustache, beard and chin. Hair transplantation in the facial area is more likely done to cover the wounds or areas of hair loss caused by accidents, burns, scars or skin diseases. After the transplant, the hair is permanent and will grow like other facial hair and will have similar features.

Who are the good candidates for hair transplant?

  • Men who show masculine baldness pattern, have a good hair bank and do not have a specific disease history,
  • Women with sparse hair and no history of a specific illness,
  • Anyone who has lost a lot of hair due to burns or physical damages to the head.

How many sessions does hair transplantat take?

• Goals and expectations vary from one person to another in the method of hair transplantation. About 85% of people will need only one session, and 15% will need two or more sessions. The severity of hair loss, as well as your desired density, determine the number of hair transplantation session you should go through in order to obtain acceptable results.

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Pars Med Tour offers Hair Transplant in Iran with ideal results, starts from 790$.
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Pars Med Tour offers Hair Transplant in Iran with ideal results, starts from 790$.