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Pars Med Tour offers Hollywood smile in Iran with ideal results, starts from 2000$.

Hollywood Smile in Iran

A beautiful smile has a power that is incomparable to anything else since it yields a more attractive and more powerful representation of you and reflects the harmony of your face more beautifully. Having a beautiful smile is a fundamental principle in making positive social interactions in today’s world, for the purpose of which it is vital to have healthy and well-sorted teeth.

Annually, Many people in Iran visit dentists to have a Hollywood Smile . The cost of Hollywood smile can vary depending on the type of the dental problems but any cost spent for this purpose is really negligible when compared with the extreme beauty received in turn.

You can also benefit from the high quality and low price of Hollywood Smile in Iran . If you want to know more about Hollywood Smile, please continue reading this page.

Hollywood smile, laugh model & smile design

A beautiful smile is the result of the harmony and coordination of the facial components, jaws, and dental form. Nowadays, having healthy and shiny teeth that are glittery and, most importantly, well-aligned, is no longer a dream. Today, with the advances in dentistry, anyone can get his/her smile design corrected; however, endurance of such corrections entails consideration of the following care measures. In fact, the smile design correction is an integration of art and science.

Achieving a stylish Hollywood smile might require some changes and modifications in the gingival form, tooth length, interdental spaces, and prominence of the teeth to ultimately yield a beautiful smile. In fact, there is a direct relationship between the facial components in terms of their size, color, and form in combination with each other, so that maintaining the proportion of these relationships makes the face lovely and attractive.

Hollywood smile

What is Hollywood smile?

Smile design correction, also known as the Hollywood Smile or Smile Design, refers to the demonstration of the teeth and gums in a beautiful and well-positioned status, which results in a special attractiveness in the individual’s face. A noteworthy point in regard of the smile design correction is that this method is not used exclusively for the individuals with broken, discolored, and distorted or crooked teeth, but those who have healthy teeth can also use this method to achieve a better and more beautiful smile and, of course, a positive change. In other words, smile design correction involves a comprehensive assessment of appearance of one’s smile and then improvement of its overall beauty and attractiveness.

The smile design correction is not the same for everyone and may differ since it depends largely on the facial components, type of skin, hair color, teeth color, teeth appearance, gum tissue, and many other factors things that should be taken into account by a cosmetic dentist must consider. There are different methods used by cosmetic dentists for smile design correction, including bleaching, dental laminates, dental composites, implants in some specific cases, and changing the color and shape of the gum. As a result of these treatment methods, the color, shape, form, position, and other factors are changed and modified, gifting a beautiful and attractive smile to the patient.

What are the effective factors in smile beautification?

What are the effective factors in smile beautification?

  • The shape or the length-to-width ratio of the teeth
  • Teeth color
  • Harmony of gingival lines
  • Malposition or misalignment of the teeth
  • Interdental spaces
  • Dental malocclusion

What are the advantages of Hollywood smile?

  • Hollywood smile causes significant changes in the individual’s life and leads to numerous benefits in terms of health and beauty. Those teeth that have been smoothed and well-sorted, restored, or planted, will be less prone to decay and infection.
  • Hollywood smile can help restore and retrieve the beauty and youth freshness of the entire face.
  • Hollywood smile will increase your self-confidence.
  • Treatment of the root causes of teeth before hollywood smile, restores and maintains one’s oral health and thus provides the basis for the beauty of your teeth.
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Why Iran is a great choice for Hollywood smile?

Iran is welcoming thousands of tourists who choose here to get their dental treatments done. This is not a coincidence, but rather benefits such as high quality, low prices and knowledge and expertise of Iranian dentists encourage many patients from different countries of the world to receive treatment in Iran.

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Pars Med Tour offers Hollywood smile in Iran with ideal results, starts from 2000$.

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