Pars Med Tour offers LASEK/LASIK eye surgery in Iran with ideal results, starts from 525$ for each eye.
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LASEK/LASIK surgery in Iran

Maybe one of your relatives or even you have to wear glasses to see better. If so, you are aware of the hassle of using glasses. But by the help of advances in the treatment of eye refractive errors, nowadays more of these cases get rid of glasses forever with the help of eye laser surgery. If you have to wear glasses, read this page and choose Iran for LASEK/LASIK surgery by a very low price.

What is Laser Surgery?

Whenever hearing the word “surgery”, we unconsciously remind a surgical operation full of pain and bleeding in which the surgeons and their assistants are cutting our body by very sharp scalpels and razors. But, in laser surgeries, particularly on the eyes that are the most delicate organs of our bodies, such misconceptions cannot come true. In eye laser surgery also called LASEK/LASIK, the cornea, as the outer layer of the eyeball, is deformed by laser radiation. In other words, surgeons change the corneal curvature by laser beams to correct and treat refractive errors such as astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia.

In fact, as a result of this change, the images can be focused on the retina where no image could be formed previously. The corneal curvature can be changed by three methods, namely LASIK, PRK, and LASEK. In LASEK and PRK methods, which have very slight technical differences, the laser is irradiated directly onto the corneal surface. In LASIK, a very thin flap is created by cutting through the corneal epithelium. Then, after applying the laser beams, the flap is folded back on the cornea.

What is the difference between LASEK and LASIK?

The difference between these methods is defined in terms of how the cornea is cut through and how the laser is radiated. Deciding which method will yield the best outcome for the patient depends on the specialist’s opinion about the eyes conditions and the corneal thickness. In LASIK surgery, since the corneal surface is not manipulated and irradiated with laser, the vision is regained very shortly after the surgery and the patient can start doing daily tasks very soon.

However, in LASEK and PRK, because no razor blade or laser is used for creating a flap in the first layer of the cornea and the laser is applied onto the corneal surface, the corneal structure will not undergo a considerable manipulation and its resistance will not be disordered in the upcoming years. Nevertheless, since the laser beam is radiated directly onto the corneal surface in LASEK and PRK, its repair and recovery will last a bit longer than in LASIK. In this method, the patient should have enough patience, because sometimes it takes several weeks to regain the full vision, yet it is associated with less future risks. In fact, the corneal regeneration process after a PRK or LASEK surgery is similar to the skin reconstruction after a scratch on hands; thus, it takes some time for the skin to repair itself and attain the same color and thickness as its adjacent area.

Iran is an ideal choice for medical tourism, because of affordable cost & world-class specialists.

Why Iran is ideal for LASEK/LASIK?

Many eye laser surgeries are performed in Iran daily, so Iranian eye specialists have expanded their knowledge and expertise. Furthermore, Iran has numerous modern first-class eye hospitals and the affordable cost, so it is very logical for everyone to choose Iran as ophthalmology treatment destination.

Pars Med Tour, your partner for LASEK/LASIK in Iran

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Pars Med Tour offers LASEK/LASIK eye surgery in Iran with ideal results, starts from 525$ for each eye.