Medical Treatment in Iran

If you plan for a medical trip to Iran for medical treatment in Iran, this article will tell you all you need to know. Medical tourism is when a person goes to another country for treatment and to benefit from advanced services and facilities of that country. Most people seek out the best and at the same time the cheapest doctors to get the best treatment. Of course, this type of tourism is a little different from other medical trips, because it is not about the overall development level of a country, but also the level of professionalism of medical services is very important. In the case of Iran, although not one of the developed countries, but you can experience cheap and very high quality medical services here.

Medical Treatment in Iran with Pars med tour

Planning for treatment in Iran

If you are one of those who intend to travel to Iran or any other country for medical treatment, you need to consider these points so that you do not have problems during the treatment process. It is worth mentioning that we at Pars Med Tour are proud to review these items for you free of charge and provide the opportunity for your presence and treatment in Iran. You can contact our consultants at Whats App for more information.

• Initial medical consultation

Firstly, before traveling to Iran or any other country for your treatment, you should consult your country’s physicians. This is to make you aware of the potential risks of treatment. You should also consider medical facilities. Of course, this is not necessary for simple treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, but for some diseases that have several different treatments, it is best to know the basic information about the disease and its treatment. Contact Pars Med Tour for more information.

• Having a medical record

Be sure to keep your medical records with you for specific and complex illnesses. Consult us to get more information.

• Cost and duration of treatment

We assure you that in collaboration with well-equipped hospitals / clinics and experienced physicians, we will estimate the cost and length of your treatment and stay in Iran. This is because if you are going to be hospitalized after treatment or booking a hotel for post-treatment examinations and controls, know your travel plan well in advance and, if needed, with a member of your family or acquaintances, come to Iran. Another issue is the validity of your Iran visa, which you should also pay attention to.

• Having cash money when traveling to Iran

If you are planning to travel to Iran, prefer cash with you. Due to the cruel US financial-banking sanctions against Iran, the use of international credit cards such as Mastercard and Visacard and transfers and remittances through international banks in Iran are restricted. Although you can make cash in Iran by paying a commission, we recommend that you carry cash for your convenience and reduce your expenses.

• Iran Visa

You do not need a Schengen visa to enter Iran, but you must obtain Iran visa before entering Iran. There are two ways to do this. The first way, you can do this through the offices of the Iranian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs in your own country. See for more information. The second way is that you can get your Iran visa by sending the pictures of your documents to us and at a very low cost.

• Accommodation and flight booking

Depending on the length of your treatment in Iran, you should also consider booking flight and hotel here. In the case of a flight, we suggest that you compare the price of a ticket in your country with the booking price of the same flight in Iran for a specific date. We will make this comparison for you. Sometimes it is found that the cost of booking a particular flight in Iran is less than the country of origin. But in booking a hotel, we strongly recommend that you do not use hotel booking sites, because in more than 90% of the time, if you book a hotel in Iran in person, your payment will be much less than the online reservation of the hotel. This price difference is due to the fees charged by hotel booking sites.

• Tourism

Now that you plan to travel to Iran, you can use the tourist attractions of different cities in Iran in addition to medical services. Pars Med Tour is on your side in this planning.

Medical tourism in Iran with PASRS MEDTOUR

The benefits of medical treatment to Iran

Medical travel to Iran has unique advantages, such as low cost and high quality.

• Low Cost

Iran has been able to claim the title of the cheapest country in terms of health care, with incredible costs. Low cost is not just about the costs of medical services, but also other costs such as accommodation, food, transportation and translator costs are far less than other countries.

• World-class doctors and modern equipment

Fortunately, the high quality and satisfactory results of the surgeries performed in Iran have become so popular in other countries that even the relatively famous celebrities have repeatedly given their blades to Iranian surgeons. This quality of care is due to experienced and world-class specialists and world-class advanced equipment. With their international qualifications and education at the world’s best universities, these doctors have been able to meet patient expectations.

medical procedure in Iran with parsmedtour

Final words

If you also plan to travel to another country for treatment, we recommend Iran because it is the most affordable place in all respects. In recent years, many people, including famous models and foreign actors, have traveled to Iran for cheap medical services, all of whom were completely satisfied with their post-operative conditions. So if you want to enjoy all of these benefits, we suggest you get in touch with Pars Med Tour experts to begin your process in Iran as soon as possible.