Ophthalmology in Iran

Iran is one of the leading countries in medicine in the Middle East. Iranian physicians are highly knowledgeable and skilled in various fields, which is why Iran has become one of the main hubs of medical tourism in the Middle East in recent years. Medical services in Iran, besides being of high quality, are also affordable and this has made our country one of the first options for treating foreign patients, especially in the field of ophthalmology. The rapid development of ophthalmology in Iran has made it possible to have the best ophthalmology facilities in Iran. Here’s a look at ophthalmology in Iran.

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History of Ophthalmology in Iran

Iran has a very ancient civilization, and this has led to various sciences, including medical science, in ancient times. It may be said that the early history of ophthalmology in Iran goes back more than 3000 years. Avesta’s book covers a variety of medical sciences, including ophthalmology. Then Jundishapur University was founded in Iran about 1500 years ago. This has led to a major development in Iranian ophthalmology.
The writings of great scientists such as Zakaria Razi can be found in the science of eye-building. The second part of the book, written by this great scientist, describes various eye diseases in detail. Abu Ali Sina in the book of law also devotes a section to explaining the structure of the eye and its common diseases. Other scholars, such as Sayyed Ibrahim Jorjani, have written about the eye and its diseases in his journal.
Dr. Mohammad Qoli Shams is the founder of the field of modern ophthalmology in Iran. The first corneal transplant operation was performed by Dr. Shams in 1935, and the Iranian Ophthalmological Society began its management in 1957. Dr. Shams also founded the first privately owned journal of ophthalmology in Iran in 1969. Between 1960 and 1970, most hospitals in Iran’s major cities opened a dedicated section of the eye.

Common Ophthalmology Services in Iran

In Iran there are many specialists and hospitals in the field of ophthalmology. In Iran’s specialized eye clinics and hospitals, a variety of high quality and affordable ophthalmology services are offered. This has made Iran shine on the world stage in this regard. The following are some of the most popular treatments in this field.

• Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK/LAZEK) in Iran

Laser eye surgery (LASIK / LASEK) is actually a procedure for removing refractive eye defects such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. The price in Iran is much lower than in other countries offering similar quality. The surgery is very quick and takes only about a quarter. The result of this operation remains permanent on the eye and after a few weeks the person’s vision will return to normal.

• Cataract surgery in Iran

Cataract is an eye-related disease that usually occurs in old ages. In this lens disorder, the person’s eyes become blurred and the person may lose their sight. To avoid blindness, a lens should be removed and replaced with an artificial lens. The surgery is also very fast and does not require complete anesthesia and the cure for cataract surgery is also fast. Cataract treatment is one of the most popular ophthalmology services in Iran, which is very low cost compared to other countries in the world and has many applicants.

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• Strabismus Surgery in Iran

Strabismus is one of the disorders that has a negative effect on the appearance of the patient as well as on his vision. This disorder occurs when the muscles of the eye are loose or stiff and not in their normal state. These defects in the muscles cause the alignment of the two eyes to disappear.

• Corneal transplant in Iran

Corneal transplant is also a common surgery in ophthalmology in Iran. The surgery will try to replace the damaged cornea with healthy corneal tissue. The cornea is one of the most essential organs for vision. Usually this surgery does not require complete anesthesia and is performed with local anesthesia. The procedure is short and takes about an hour.

Advantages of Ophthalmology Services in Iran

In recent years, the tourism industry in Iran is experiencing a new type of tourism. These tourists enter Iran for medical purposes with the intention of using medical facilities. This type of tourism is called medical tourism.
Ophthalmology is high in Iran and this has led many people to come to Iran for treatment of their eyes. Iran is one of the top 15 countries in the world in providing ophthalmology services. At present, Iran has the most advanced medical devices in the world for performing various operations in the field of ophthalmology, and has capable doctors whose medical knowledge is accredited by the most prestigious international institutions.
Also, the cost of performing various ophthalmic surgeries in Iran is much cheaper than in other countries and costs between 20% and 50% less than Western countries. This has made Iran a viable option for health travel.

Last word

As noted, ophthalmology in Iran is at an advanced level and the ophthalmology community has gained first place among its neighboring countries, while being more cost-effective than many other countries in the world. These factors have led foreign travelers to Iran for various eye treatments.
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