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Offering Medical Tourism services in Iran

Pars Med Tour is mostly known for a variety of high quality services, best expert specialists and surgeons, and state-of-the-art medical equipment in Iran.

In addition to medical services, we offer suitable tourism services to customers. Iran’s unique tourist attractions make patients have a memorable trip besides medical services.

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Pars Med Tour Providing Medical Tourism Services in Iran
We are honored to provide a variety of tourism services along with medical services. We have decided to make your trip to Iran, the most memorable of yours. Do not miss visiting the most friendliest country in the earth.

The offered tourism services are as follows:

Pars Med Tour Providing Medical Tourism Services (Dental services) in Iran
High-quality dentistry services in modern & well-equipped dental clinics are provided in affordable cost with no waiting time.

The offered dentistry services are as follows:

Pars Med Tour Providing Medical Tourism Services (eye services) in Iran
Iran is a leading Asian country & among top 15 countries in the world in offering high-quality ophthalmologic services.

The offered ophthalmologic services are as follows:

Pars Med Tour Providing Medical Tourism Services in Iran
Pars Med Tour Providing Medical Tourism Services (fertility) in Iran

Popular Services

  • 24-hours
  • Accomodations
  • Aftercare-followup
  • Airport-pickup
  • Doctor-consultation
  • Insurance
  • Keep-contact
  • Plan-to-trip
  • Post-treatment
  • Vacation
  • Webguide

Medical Tourism In Iran

Pars Med Tour is a medical tourism agency in Iran, offering a wide range of high-quality and affordable healthcare,tourism and travel services. We invite you to choose Iranian physicians, specialists, doctors and also modern medicalcenters, clinics & hospitals in Iran for any of your medical treatments.

Apart from healthcare services, we provide you other travel services such as visa, airport pick-up (and drop-off), private transfer, booking accommodations, flights, round-the-clock interpreting and tour guiding services, nursing, sightseeing tours, and so on.

Your medical travel starts the moment you ask for our consultation. We, as honest consultants, inquire of Tehranmedical centers and our specialties regarding the information you need like the examinations and treatments. We will evaluate the cost and notify you. We respect your decision, and the moment you arrive in Iran we will be with you.

The first time we see each other is at Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), we will welcome you and go to the hotel we’ve booked for you. From that moment you will have our 24-hour interpreter and support. By the time you arrive, we will have gotten you a doctor’s appointment. We will visit your doctor together. We are with you to make your decision and the necessary steps for admitting you to a medical center will be taken. We’ll the first people you see after your surgery. From the moment you decide to return to your country, we will take all the necessary steps and we will be with you until the return flight. But this is not the end of your journey for us, you will have follow-up care after your surgery until you are fully recovered and have gotten the results you desired. Whenever you gain full recovery and are satisfied with your travel, another one of our missions is accomplished.

  • 65+ Countries from where
    we host patients
  • 100+ Surgeries performed
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  • 5000+ Surgeries performed
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