Plastic Surgery in Iran

Plastic surgery involves changes in the appearance and structure of organs. In the past, plastic surgery was performed only when a person was injured and his body structure changed and had problems, but now with the advancement of technology and the welcome of people, it is also used for people to be more beautiful. In this article, we intend to know more about plastic surgery and to discuss the advantages and consider the place of plastic surgery in Iran.

The difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery

Most people consider plastic surgery the same as cosmetic surgery, but the two are very different. In cosmetic surgery, the primary focus of physicians is on the appearance of the individual, so that the part of the face or body being subjected to cosmetic surgery does not have a structural problem and people only do this to make themselves more beautiful. For example, Rhinoplasty (nose job), jaw, ear & skin rejuvenation surgery such as Botox and laser, are among the top cosmetic surgeries.

plastic surgeries in Iran with pars med tour

But plastic surgery is performed when a person has a defect in the body and doctors are trying to fix it. For example, burn repair and scar surgeries are types of plastic surgeries.

Most commonly used plastic surgeries

Iran ranks 20th in the number of plastic surgeries in the world. In this ranking, the US, Brazil, Japan, Italy and Mexico have the highest number of plastic surgeries in a year.
But in terms of the number of different surgeries, otoplasty and breast & hip cosmetic prosthesis have undoubtedly the most applicants in world. After these, lip and cheek prostheses, jaw plastic surgery and burn & scar removal surgery can be mentioned.

The advantages of plastic Surgery in Iran

There are generally two main criteria for plastic surgery as well as for medical treatments. Certainly, wherever these criteria are more attractive, they are a better choice for the patient. These are the two main parameters of quality and price that Iran enjoys in both cases tangible advantages to many parts of the world, especially Europe and the United States.
Cheap price
Compared to other countries, Iran has one of the cheapest doctors and medical services. For example, breast cosmetic prosthesis in Iran costs between 1500$ and 3000$, depending on the type of prosthesis used and the type of clinic or hospital, while the same procedure in the United States costs between 5000$ and 15000$ per patient. A simple calculation shows that it is perfectly reasonable for an American to come to Iran for breast cosmetic prosthesis, since his maximum cost in Iran included accommodation and flights is much less than the US.

High quality and excellent results
Fortunately, the high quality and satisfactory results of the surgeries performed in Iran have become so popular in other countries that relatively well-known celebrities have repeatedly given their appearance to the Iranian surgeons. This quality of medical treatments is due to experienced & world-class specialists and up-to-date & advanced equipment. These days clinics and hospitals in Tehran are hosting ordinary people as well as foreign models in addition to patients inside Iran.

Final words

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