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Revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty also called secondary rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery performed on the nose after a primary surgery. In fact, any nose which a primary rhinoplasty is performed on, may need to be corrected for appearance or structure and function, this surgery is called as revision rhinoplasty. In this article, we will talk to you about revision rhinoplasty and its causes and its associated issues.


What is revision rhinoplasty?

Whenever a person has had a rhinoplasty in the past, the cosmetic surgery is repeated again, they are called revision or secondary rhinoplasty. For a variety of reasons, a rhinoplasty applicant may not have had a favorable outcome from his first surgery. In this case, he/she may request rhinoplasty to be referred to former or a new surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty is usually more difficult and complex and also more expensive.
The likelihood of needing revision rhinoplasty for each nose operation is about 5% to 10%, and if surgical principles and standards are properly adhered to, some minor blemishes may need to be corrected. But if the surgeon does not have enough skills, there is a greater risk of problems.

What is revision or secondary rhinoplasty? , rhinoplasty ( nose job ) with pars med tour in Iran

Which problems are solved with revision rhinoplasty?

The operated nose for two general reasons may require revision rhinoplasty, first apparent defects, and second structural and functional defects. Among those that lead to secondary rhinoplasty are:
• Tilt of the nose
• Nasal hump remained from primary rhinoplasty
• Deviation of nose blade
• Falling the tip of nose up or down
• Shortness of tip
• Excessive lengthening of nose
• Create troughs on the back or wall of the nose
• Nostril asymmetry
• Excessive nasal cartilage removal
• Damaged skin during or after surgery
• Respiratory disorders and nasal dysfunction

Correction of the appearance of the nose through revision rhinoplasty , rhinoplasty ( nose job ) with pars med tour in Iran

When is revision rhinoplasty performed?

If there is no acute or emergency problem, revision surgery should be performed at least one year after the first surgery. Some patients are unhappy with the appearance of their nose in the first weeks or months and think it may require repair, while the result of rhinoplasty can last at least a few months, and sometimes up to a year. Because it takes about a year for the nose skin to be fully attached to the skeleton again. Therefore, it is not possible to determine early on whether the nose needs secondary rhinoplasty unless the nasal defects have affected the patient’s normal life.


Of course, another important cause that surgeons do not recommend revision surgery in the first year is the possibility of damaging the skin of nose. Because in the first surgery the nasal skin is removed from the skeleton, and if it occurs less than a year later, the skin is likely to be seriously damaged and this is a problem that will be almost irreparable. Especially in the first six months, there should be no further surgery on the nose.

Time of revision rhinoplasty , rhinoplasty ( nose job ) with pars medtour in Iran

What is the cost of revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty often costs more than primary rhinoplasty. Because in this type of surgery the surgeon will have to work on an operated nose, so more changes will need to be made. Therefore, the level of difficulty and complexity of secondary rhinoplasty is higher than primary surgery. Therefore, doctors get more money for this type of surgery.
It should be kept in mind, however, that revision rhinoplasty has many different types and their costs are different. For example, if revision surgery involves only mild problems, gel injections and something like this, it may be done outpatient and even in the office. In this case, the cost will not be high. But a complete revision rhinoplasty, especially if the defects are due to previous surgery, such as the need to use a patient’s ear or rib cartilage, cost more than a regular rhinoplasty.


What can we do to stay away from revision rhinoplasty?

The outcome of any surgery may be overshadowed by the patient’s physical and psychological conditions, medical errors, drug side effects and other factors. Cosmetic surgeries are no exception, and with thousands of rhinoplasty procedures performed annually around the world, it is natural that some of them do not produce successful results and cause complications for the patient. No doctor says 100% success rate because there are various factors that influence the outcome of surgery. But some tips can increase the success rate of rhinoplasty.

To get rid of revision rhinoplasty,first of all spend enough time choosing your doctor and clinic. One of the countries where the percentage of successful nasal surgery is high is Iran. Thousands of rhinoplasty procedures are performed each year in Iran by experienced and skilled surgeons. There are also medical centers and clinics for rhinoplasty in Iran that meet the highest medical standards. Another thing to keep in mind is careful observation of pre and post nasal surgery. Occasionally, the patient’s failure to comply with care may result in intraoperative errors or postoperative complications.

Care after rhinoplasty , rhinoplasty ( nose job ) with pars medical tourism in Iran

Tips to know before revision rhinoplasty are:

• Be realistic. Heed the advice of doctors. If they recognize that the primary surgery has been successful and that there is no need for secondary surgery, it is best to overcome your negative and false emotions. It is good to know that people who experience irreparable complications of cosmetic surgeries are usually the ones who push specialists to perform urgent or multiple surgeries and insist on their wishes.
• Note that the complexity of revision rhinoplasty is far greater than primary surgery. So its risk is higher and its success rate is lower than the first operation.
• If doctors find that your nasal structure is not ready for another surgery, do not insist on revision rhinoplasty.
• If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your first surgery, do not undergo secondary surgery for less than a year, especially in the first six months. Because re-operation on the nose in less than a year is likely to cause serious skin damage.


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