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Rhinoplasty or Nose Job in Iran

The Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) rate is growing rapidly in Iran, putting Iranian cosmetic surgeons among the best in the world. To prove this, it is enough to say that Iranian plastic surgeons have proven their abilities in doing nose jobs for foreigners, as well as thousands of domestic patients throughout the year.

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Why is nose care important?

The nose is a member of the body that plays an important role in the beauty of the face. Nowadays, its fine shape is the concern of many people, because nose problems such as having a nose that is large or small, sloped or wide and has other flaws, is very effective in the beauty and self-confidence of individuals. On the other hand, nose’s function is also very important in breathing. So, disorders such as polyps and respiratory problems, deviation of nose, etc. can also encourage people to do nose job. Therefore, nose job or rhinoplasty is done for two reasons: beauty and nose function improvement. Considering these facts, surgeons – who are usually ENT or plastic surgeons – should have sufficient experience in addition to having the necessary knowledge, in order to maintain a better balance between preserving nose function and achieving a more beautiful nose. In other words, a qualified surgeon will consider that this change should not disrupt nose function and obstruct it , then make any changes to the appearance of the nose.

What is Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)?

Rhinoplasty is more than a surgery. In fact, it is a combination of science and art. Nose job surgeon is primarily a physician, and understands the medical factors and internal desires that make a healthy person feel the need to perform an operation. In addition, like Michelangelo, he’s a sculptor. Obviously, he never looks at the nose individually, but the best type of nose is one that matches the other parts of the face. Nowadays the science of nose job has been drastically changed. So, rhinoplasty is no longer limited to making the nose slim. The surgeon, while removing and slimming parts of the nose, may reinforce other parts, so that in addition to being beautiful and consistent with other facial features, it does not damage nose function.

What factors affect the result of rhinoplasty?

Thickness and type of skin, age and other apparent features of patient are important factors for this surgery. The surgeon will carefully consider all these issues so that he can provide the best advice to his patient. The result of rhinoplasty is visible after one year, and one’s nose will show its main shape. During this period, the judgment of others may hurt you, so be patient and be sure of the good result.

It should be noted that the nose of each person is specific  to him/her, and the outcome of surgery is different in different people. Although there are high unrealistic expectations and viewpoints about rhinoplasty, but the surgeon’s goal is to make the appearance of the patient more beautiful. The extent to which he achieves this goal, depends heavily on his knowledge, experience and skill. Meanwhile, the patient’s collaboration in postoperative care also plays a role in the final outcome of an operation.

Should I be hospitalized for surgery?

Rhinoplasty  is usually performed on an outpatient basis, but sometimes the patient may be admitted to hospital or clinic for one night. The surgery can also be done under general anesthesia or local anesthetic, which depends on the type of anesthesia and the complexity of the operation.

What shape is suitable for my nose?

People who decide to do a nose job are thinking of being more beautiful by going under the surgical blade.  Nose job can help you achieve your desirable nose form and be more satisfied with your looks. It is necessary to note that you should choose a shape that matches other parts of your face; your doctor’s advice in this area can be a great help to you.

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Iran, The Rhinoplasty Capital Of The World

About 150,000 rhinoplasty surgeries are performed in Iran annually and Iranian surgeons are well known in the world because the rhinoplasty is a highly developed cosmetic field in Iran. Modern cosmetic clinics and the affordable cost are also good reasons to choose Iran for a rhinoplasty surgery.

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Pars Med Tour offers Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Iran with ideal results, starts from 1200$.