Med Tour offers Skin Lift and cosmetic Prosthesis in Iran with ideal results, starts from ...$.
Med Tour offers Skin Lift and cosmetic Prosthesis in Iran with ideal results, starts from ...$.

Skin Lift and Cosmetic Prosthesis in Iran

The advancement of medical science has solved the problems that we had no choice but to tolerate not too long ago. One of these cases is the changes in the skin and appearance of some organs for various reasons. But nowadays some cosmetic procedures such lift and prosthesis have made it possible for people, especially women to regain their past charm & attraction and look younger. If you want to look so, read this page, contact us and get a full consultation about skin lift and cosmetic prosthesis in Iran.

We are at your side at Pars Med Tour at all stages of treatment to solve this problem, using the experience of physicians and facilities of clinics in Iran.

Skin lift and cosmetic prosthesis link you to beauty

There are several ways to improve the appearance and increase the confidence of people, and if you decide to be prettier, a miracle of cosmetic lift or prosthesis can very rapidly link you to beauty. In the lift, physicians will eliminate any saggings, wilting, wrinkles, and other signs of aging skin as much as possible by pulling the skin and the lower muscles, along with restoring the underlying structures. Prosthesis is also a piece made of a special and compatible material that aids the limb or organ in achieving all or part of its lost function.

What is cosmetic prosthesis?

Prostheses are pieces of silicone that are usually placed through an outpatient or adjuvant surgical procedure, with the purpose of prominating various organs of the body. This medical process can have beauty or healing purposes, and is used in various parts of the body such as lips, cheeks, chin, breasts, and hips (butt). The use of prosthetics improves the beauty and confidence and can be the main option as a permanent method, for people who care about their attractiveness.

What is skin lift?

Skin lifting is an effective way to improve the appearance and increase confidence, and if you decide to be beautiful, the miracle of lifting can quickly link you with beauty. The purpose of lift surgery is not to make individuals look the same as each other, but to eliminate or reduce the undesirable effects of time, stress and exposure to various environmental factors, as well as rejuvenating each person’s lift area. According to a long-term study published in 2014, it was found that 68.5% of the facial lifting patients were quite satisfied with it, or said that it had exceeded their expectations over a 12-year period. Almost the same number of people believed that they have become 10 years younger. The best skin lift candidate is someone who has a realistic expectation of this operation and can fully follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the lift surgery. Areas that can be treated with lift surgery include: nose, eyebrows, forehead, eyes, lips, temples, cheeks, neck, breasts, abdomen, arms and thighs.

There are several ways to lift the various areas of the body, which are briefly explained:

  • Surgical procedures, which are used mostly for face and breasts.
  • Non-surgical procedures, such as ultherapy and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) therapy, whose mechanism is to use ultrasound waves for treatment.
  • The semi-invasive method, i.e. lifting with yarn, that is based on the insertion of slowly-absorbing yarns under the skin, and reverses the aging process without surgery.
Iran is an ideal choice for medical tourism, because of affordable cost & world-class specialists.

Iran, great destination for being more beautiful

Today Iran is a great destination for cosmetic procedures. The high demand for cosmetic procedures has helped Iranian specialists to expand their knowledge and expertise. Also Iran is a great destination for foreign travelers to get their cosmetic procedures because of modern cosmetic clinics and the affordable prices.

Pars Med Tour is your good partner in Iran

We are at your side at Pars Med Tour at all stages of skin lift or cosmetic prosthesis to solve your problem, using the experience of physicians and facilities of clinics in Iran. Furthermore we manage all parts of your trip such as Visa, booking hotel and flight, airport pick-up, interpreter and in short, everything you need in Iran for an ideal treatment.

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Skin Lift or Cosmetic Prosthesis: Pars Med Tour is at your side from start to the end of beauty in lift or prosthesis procedure in Iran.

Pick-up, transfer & interpreter: Private transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa and from hotel to clinic. The interpreter will be with you throughout the process.

Half a day trip in Tehran: Prepare yourself for an exciting half a day trip in Tehran. We offer you the Historic Grand Bazaar of Tehran.

Visa: Iran visa authorization code.

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Flight: Booking your flight to Iran at great prices

Accommodation: Booking all kinds of accommodation such as hotel, apartment and villas cheaper than elsewhere.

Tour Packages: Planning different tourism and specialized tours in different fields in Tehran or other cities in Iran.