Pars Med Tour offers Strabismus surgery in Iran with the best results, starts from 1650$.
Pars Med Tour offers Strabismus surgery in Iran with the best results, starts from 1650$.

Strabismus or Eye Muscle Surgery in Iran

Eyes play a very important role in human life and having healthy eyes until the end of the life is everyone’s dream. So it is very logical to consider eye health and treatment if needed.

Iran has been progressed rapidly in the field of ophthalmology in recent years, so that it is among the first 15 countries in the world and ranked first in Middle Eastern ophthalmology. In addition, Iranian ophthalmology is in competition with that of advanced European countries.

Strabismus or Eye Muscle Surgery is one of the most widely used ophthalmology services in Iran. If you need this treatment in Iran and want to know more, we recommend you continue reading this page.

Strabismus, Squint or eye divergence

Strabismus also called squint or eye divergence, is the inability of the two eyes to maintain proportionate alignment and collaboration with each other as a single device or a complication that results from the non-alignment of the two eyes. In other words, when the eyes are not in the same direction and do not look at the same object simultaneously, the patient is said to have an eye divergence, or strabismus, or squint. Such divergence may occur in different directions (inside, outside, up, or down) and affect one eye or both eyes.

The prevalence rate of strabismus is the same in males and females, but it is less common among adults compared to that among the younger ages. Studies have shown that nearly 4% of the children under the age of 6 and about 1% of the adults are diagnosed with strabismus.

How is Strabismus or Eye Muscle Surgery done?

Strabismus or Eye Muscle Surgery actually includes creating a small incision in the eye-covering tissue. During surgery, the eyelid is opened with special tools and a small incision is created on the thin and transparent membrane on the white of the eye globe, which allows the ophthalmologist to have access the underneath muscles of this tissue. Depending on the type of divergence, the muscles of one or both eyes are changed.

What factors cause strabismus?

  • Imbalances of the eye muscles
  • Brain or head injury
  • Inheritance
  • Eye or brain tumor
  • Birth injury
  • Diabetes
  • blood pressure
  • Fetal brain injury
  • Eye Surgeries Complications

What are the strabismus symptoms?

  • The main symptom of strabismus is the apparent deviation of the eye.
  • The most common symptom of strabismus in adults is double vision.
  • The inability of a person to concentrate vision on an object.
  • Eye fatigue and difficulty reading.
  • Headaches when your eyes are active.
  • Blurred vision.
  • No depth of vision detection.
  • Sensitivity to light.

Clearly, having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean someone has strabismus. However, it can be a good reason to see a specialist ophthalmologist.

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Pars Med Tour offers Strabismus surgery in Iran with ideal results, starts from 1650$.