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Teeth Whitening in Iran

Teeth are one of the most important facial beauty factors. The most important thing about the appearance of the teeth is that the teeth are white. Having yellow teeth can have detrimental effects on people’s lives and even their careers, so it is increasing the number of people looking for a way to get beautiful white teeth every day.

The same is true in Iran, and people are always looking for the best teeth whitening, so Iranian dentists are doomed to provide their patients with high-quality & low cost services. So if you want too, teeth whitening in iran is a great choice for you.

If you would like to know more about teeth whitening in Iran, we recommend you continue reading this page.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth Whitening also called Tooth Bleaching is a treatment to remove darkness and pigmentation that develops over time due to pigments such as tea, coffee, strawberries and even tomatoes. Increasing age, eating habits and daily habits like smoking, eating colored drinks and spices can also change the color of your teeth.

In teeth whitening, dentists use an effective bleach that does not cause harmful effects on the enamel. By placing these special materials on the teeth, tooth decay is eliminated and the color of the teeth can be at least two to three degrees brighter depending on the type of teeth and the primary color.

The question may also be asked what is the difference between teeth whitening and polishing? The main difference is that teeth whitening (tooth bleaching)  has the ability to penetrate enamel and can scour the root of your tooth and eliminate the stains that penetrate it, so that it has whitened teeth both inside and out.

What are the complications of teeth whitening?

If teeth whitening is performed under the direct supervision of a dentist, it will not in any way cause harm to the teeth and will only whiten them. Teeth whitening can, of course, cause sensitization in the teeth, which is easily eliminated by the use of anti-allergenic toothpaste.

Does bleaching damage the tooth enamel?

No! Bleaching will not cause any damages to dental enamel if it is done under the supervision of an experienced dentist through an appropriate method and using proper and high-quality materials. The bleaching materials are harmless to the teeth and are have gained the approval of the National Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association.

Does bleaching have an age limit?

Generally, bleaching is used for all people. However, for those under the age of 18, it is applied with more sensitivity due to the immature dentin and enamel and presence of open interdental spaces. Also, for those individuals who have tooth-colored fillings in their front teeth or have extraordinarily sensitive teeth, it is recommended to consult with a dentist.

How long is bleaching durability?

Durability of tooth bleaching depends to a large extent on the post-bleaching dental care. When deciding to undergo teeth bleaching, consider two points. First, the bleaching process is not a permanent treatment, and thus your teeth may be discolored if you don’t take care of them. Second, the result of treatment and whitening of the teeth is not predictable. The success rate of this method depends on the amount and size of the dental deposit (dental calculus) and the dentist’s experience and skillfulness. By restoring, scaling, and brushing your teeth before undergoing this method, you can significantly facilitate achieving the ideal outcome.

How much time a bleaching process requires?

Usually a single session. However, depending on the sensitivity level of the teeth, it may require two sessions for some people. Of course, the ideal case is that the procedure is performed in a single session in the dentist’s office and the maintenance operations are carried out by the patient at home.

Can bleaching be followed by other cosmetic treatments?

Certainly it is possible. Notably, most of the physicians recommend the people to have bleaching done before applying the smile design correction, dental laminates, and dental composites.

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