The advantages of hair transplant in Iran over other countries in the world

Hair loss is one of the old challenges that people, especially men, have been dealing with in the past. Hair, and especially head hair, is one of the key elements of a person’s beauty. In recent years, medical science has made great progress, and many different methods have been devised to combat hair loss. One of these approaches to tackle the challenge of hair loss is hair transplant. There are various methods of hair transplant that if you want to know more about, just click here to read more. Iran is one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplant and thousands of neighboring countries visit the Iranian clinics every year for this operation. The advantages of hair transplant in Iran over other countries in the world are remarkable, which we will address some of these advantages in this article.

Hair is one of the key elements of beauty , Hair Transplant with Pars med tour in IRAN

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant consists of many methods that are used therapeutically to combat hair loss. These methods have different types and different equipment is used to perform them. But the usual process for hair transplant is to remove parts of head skin with a lot hair. Then Hair follicles are usually required in this area and are separated by specific apparatus. Then hair follicles are implanted in scalp sections of head.

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When do you see the final results of hair transplant?

Sometimes, depending on the method and conditions of the individual, the process of hair transplant to create a natural range of hair, may take several sessions. The time required to repair the hair transplant is approximately long, and usually one to two years after the hair transplant, the hair density in the implanted area returns to normal and the end result is determined. The hair transplant procedure usually does not cause serious injury to the person. In the area where the hair is removed, some sutures are required in some methods and local anesthesia is used to reduce pain during follicle removal and implantation.
After the operation, people are advised not to do very vigorous exercises to heal wounds so that hair follicles can be successful. Usually, a few days after the operation, the hair on the scalp begins to fall, and then the hair growth time will begin again.

The advantages of hair transplant in Iran

Hair transplant is very common in Iran and many cosmetic clinics and hospitals perform different hair transplant operations.
One of the advantages of hair transplant in Iran is the expertise of doctors in Iran. In addition to devices, experience is also an important factor in hair transplant. Hair transplant has been going on in Iran for several decades, and world-class specialists have been working in the field. In general, medical science in Iran is very advanced and we have first-class physicians and surgeons in various fields.
Another advantage of hair transplant in Iran is that it is cheaper than neighboring countries and perhaps most of the world. In Iran, health care costs are low and many medical services can be made cheaper than other countries.

The cost of hair transplant in other countries

Hair transplant in different countries has different costs. Now we are going to review some of them.

One of the countries that are close to us and leading the way in medical tourism is Turkey. The country is focusing on attracting health tourism and strives to provide appropriate services to this end. The price of hair transplants in this country is cheaper than in European countries and costs about 3000$.

Another country offering many health services is India. In India, hair transplant can usually be done at a relatively low cost about 2000$, but the main problem is that traveling to India usually has many challenges. For this reason, people who are applying for a haircut usually prefer to choose another country.

Hair Transplant with Pars medtour in IRAN

Poland is another country where people usually go for hair transplants. It is well-known among European countries in this area and many Europeans prefer to go to reduce costs. The cost of hair transplantation in Poland is about 4000$, which is cheaper than other European countries, such as Britain, where the cost is 7000$.

Iran is the cheapest
These three countries are usually cheap hair transplant poles, but the interesting thing is that the benefits of hair transplant in Iran include that Iran is actually the cheapest country in the world for hair transplant. Hair transplants in Iran start at about 800$ and cost an average of 1100$. Due to the advantages of hair transplant in Iran, in recent years, many tourists have traveled to Iran from neighboring countries, especially the Arab countries for hair transplant. Usually the big cities of Iran are the destination for tourists to have an ideal treatment in the big clinics of these cities.

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