The cost of ophthalmology services in Iran

Today, access to medical services has become a cross-border issue, and many medical surgery applicants are looking for out-of-home centers in addition to searching for home-based treatment centers. In fact, if the quality of medical services in a country outside of the country is acceptable and cost-effective, patients and applicants would prefer to take care of their medical needs as part of an overseas trip. This is even more prominent in the case of expensive treatments such as ophthalmology services, as the cost of ophthalmology services in Iran has become a special advantage for our country.

the cost of ophthalmology services in Iran . medical tourism in Iran with parsmedtour

In the past few years, there has been a phenomenon called medical tourism or health tourism. Iran also enjoys a remarkable quality of service due to its modern equipment, hospitals and clinics and specialized medical knowledge in comparison to many countries in the Middle East and around the world. On the other hand, the cost of ophthalmology services in Iran leaves our country winners compared to many countries that are seeking to attract tourists seeking ophthalmology services. Here’s a look at the country’s capacities to attract medical tourists and compare the cost of ophthalmology services in Iran with other countries around the world.

Iran’s high capacity in ophthalmology

There are about 190 hospitals licensed to operate in the field of international health services and providing high-quality medical services to foreign patients. The existence of hospitals equipped with appropriate medical facilities as well as the name and reputation of the skilled Iranian physicians in the world has made our country excellent in medical tourism, especially in the field of ophthalmology. Therefore, it can be said that Iran has very good capacities compared to the countries of the region and its neighbors.
Iran’s current position in the field of ophthalmology is among the top 15 countries in the world. Iran also ranks third in Asia after Japan and South Korea.
It can be argued that Iran’s weakness over other countries in attracting ophthalmic applicants is not summed up in the quality of services, but in advertising and marketing. If our country is able to present itself well to the world, it will undoubtedly have the potential to gain first place in Asia and the Middle East.
One of the things that can be relied on in advertising for an international audience is the price issue. Here’s a more detailed look at the cost of ophthalmology services in Iran.

The cost of ophthalmology services in Iran

The cost of performing common eye surgeries performed in Iran and elsewhere in the world is a good benchmark for comparing prices. For example, the cost of a patient examination by an ophthalmologist at one of Tehran’s most prestigious ophthalmology hospitals costs between 10$ and 25$.

the cost of Ophthalmology services in Iran is lower than other countries . medical tourism in Iran with pars med tour

For example, laser eye surgery (LASIK / LASIK) for correction of refractive errors starts at 850$ for both eyes, while in Europe it is 1500$ to 3000$ at least. Cataract surgery in Iran starts at 500$, but in the European countries, it costs at least thousands of dollars. Glaucoma surgery in Iran costs around 2100$ and in the US costs between 6,000$ and 10,000$.
For example, if a tourist intends to perform LASIK in Iran, he will spend 850$ on his operation, 1000$ will most likely cost a two-way flight ticket, and approximately 2000& for accommodation in a 4-stars hotel, food and touring in Iran. It will be spent bringing the total cost to around 4,000$, while LASIK alone costs 6,000$ in Australia.
According to a worldwide survey, the average LASIK for one eye in the world in 2019 is $ 2250, which will cost the patient more than $ 5,000 in total for both eyes, therefore, it can be said that the price for this surgery in Iran is several times lower than in European and American countries.
This low price of medical services in Iran is also true for other cosmetic and medical surgeries, and in general, treatment in Iran is much more cost-effective than many countries around the world.

The low price of medical services in Iran is also true for other cosmetic and medical surgeries . pars medtour

By calculating the figures, it can be seen that if a US or European citizen intends to have eye surgery, he can travel to Iran at the same cost as only having surgery in his country of residence, and in addition to have an eye surgery in the same quality,will also benefit from the best accommodation facilities and hotels, recreation centers as well as sightseeing in the natural and ancient tourist attractions of Iran.
Even the price of ophthalmology services in Iran will be almost 50 percent cheaper than its main competitor in the region, Turkey, with the cost of travel, accommodation & … .

Final words

Clearly, price, along with quality, is one of the key components of any surgery. In terms of knowledge, Iranian physicians are among the best in the world. The price of ophthalmology in Iran is also very affordable compared to western countries and leaves no doubt for patients.
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