Travel to Iran

Iran is a country in the heart of the Middle East with a multi-thousand year civilization. It is the seventeenth largest in the world and eighteenth in terms of population with 80 million people. Every year many people come here to take advantage of Iran’s attractions. In short, these attractions include ancient monuments, beautiful and 4-seasons nature and tourist attractions along with low costs compared to other countries.

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On the other hand, today, due to Iran’s tremendous progress in medicine and low prices of medical services, many people travel to Iran for various cosmetic and medical treatments.
If you look at all the people who have traveled to Iran for medical care, many are undoubtedly very happy with the treatment in Iran. If you are going to travel to Iran, this will help you in planning and how to travel.

Is Iran safe?

In terms of security, Iran is superior to many Western nations, such as the United States. In many countries around the world we see witness chain killings, bank robberies, armed conflicts, and most importantly terrorist attacks, but we rarely see such behavior in Iran because of the culture of society and belief in ethics.
With a simple search on the internet and a review of the experiences of those who have traveled to Iran, you will not only find women who have traveled to Iran alone and have had no problems, but also you see their enthusiasm for returning to Iran and see them advising their friends and acquaintances for travelling Iran.

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A few key points to travel to Iran

In order to travel to Iran, you need to pay attention to a few key points in order to avoid trouble:

• Getting visa to enter Iran

Before entering Iran, you must get Iran visa. Click here for more information on getting Iran visa.

• Cash

Cash is one of the most important things to consider when traveling to Iran. Due to US sanctions, Iranian banks have faced many restrictions and the use of international credit cards such as MasterCard and VisaCard is difficult and you must pay a fee to use them. But with cash (dollars or euros) you can easily convert or spend them in Iran.

• Planning

No matter whether you are traveling to Iran for the purpose of treatment or tourism or both, it is best to plan your trip in order to make the most of your time in Iran. Pars Med Tour is ready to plan your trip.

• Having an Iranian translator and guidance

Traveling to Iran can be fun if an Iranian companion is with you during the trip. Due to different cultures as well as people’s lifestyle, your unfamiliarity with Iran may impose an extra cost on you or may waste your time. So having an Iranian translator and guide can bring a great experience to Iran in your mind. If you use Pars Med Tour medical services in Iran, we are at your side for free, otherwise you can have an Iranian companion on your side for a small fee.

• Be careful when booking flight

Usually flights to Iran from European countries are not direct and have a stop on the route in the third city. So be careful about the stopping time when booking a flight.
You can also check the price with us for a specific date. In some cases it has been found that ticket reservation in Iran is cheaper than in other countries.

• Don’t rush to book a hotel

Never rush to book a hotel before traveling to Iran. Many foreign tourists book their hotel through booking sites due to lack of awareness, although in most cases you will have to pay a lower price if you book the hotel in person on the last day.
On the other hand, the prices of some hotels in Iran are different for foreign and Persian bookers, so if your Iranian translator or companion book the hotel for you, it will be much better in terms of price.

Travel to Iran with pars med tour

Treatment alongside tourism in Iran

Along with its excellent and inexpensive medical services, Iran has many tourist attractions. Thanks to its geographical and climatic conditions, Iran has many areas of interest such as the desert, the seaside, the plains and the rainforests. The ancient history and civilization of Iran has caused many monuments in this country. So, along with your treatment in Iran, you can also benefit from Iran’s tourist attractions with a careful planning.

Final words

Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative propaganda going on in the western media these days against Iran, while Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East, and at the same time the most advanced in terms of quality of medical services.
Traveling to Iran can bring you an unforgettable experience as Iranian culture and civilization are different from other parts of the world and you can also benefit from the skills of Iranian doctors.
If you plan to travel to Iran for treatment or tourism, you can contact our experts to use our services.