Which model of nose is suitable for you?

One of the major concerns of preoperative rhinoplasty applicants is the choice of nose model. They often spend many hours searching the internet and viewing rhinoplasty results. But familiarity with various models of nose after surgery can greatly reduce pre-operative stress. Today we are going to review all kinds of models. If you also plan to have a rhinoplasty surgery, read this to the end.

Why is it important to know the models of nose?

If you do not have enough information about rhinoplasty, you may be mistaken in choosing the new model of your nose. Sometimes people choose a model for their nose because of advertising and their hearings that is not suitable for their face. They continue to urge the surgeon to model their nose in that fashion. The result is clear, these people will regret their choice over time. The main criterion for selecting a nose model is face shape. So people who tend to look like a singer or an actor make a big mistake. Everyone’s nose pattern should be chosen only in comparison to his or her whole face. If a person has a drawn face or large lips, a small nose is not appropriate for her/him, because then the proportion and balance of her/his face would be disturbed. If you intend to perform rhinoplasty in Iran, we are happy to tell you that Iranian specialists with experience in choosing the final nose model, carefully advise their patients.

knowing the types of nose model after rhinoplasty , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

Nose beauty criteria

Before we get to know the different types of nose models, we first need to know the beauty criteria of this sensitive organ. According to the aesthetic rules accepted in most countries of the world, the beauty of a nose is evaluated on the basis of these parameters:
1. fitting between the components of the face & nose
2. Relationship of nose, lips and chin
3. Symmetry and no deviation of the nose
4. The relationship between the nose and eyes
5. The width of the nose
6. The relationship between the holes and the tips of the nose
7. The size of the upper lip to the nose
8. Nose height or distance to face
9. Nose back straight (root to tip distance)
10. Angle of nose and lips
To test these criteria, there are numbers that are based on the findings of numerous studies. To achieve the standards of this field, cosmetic professionals and specialists have analyzed the relationships between facial components in many human beings and carefully evaluated the data obtained. When you see a surgeon to perform rhinoplasty, he measures the above features on your face and compares the result with the accepted criteria. Finally, after a careful examination, he/she will find the most suitable model among the different types for you.

Nose beauty criteria , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

Various models for nose

• Natural or Normal model

In this model, the nose looks normal after surgery. In fact, the physician implements the most natural procedure that can be considered for a candidate’s nose surgery. In the normal model, the angle between the nose and the upper lip is between 90 and 95 degrees. This model is suitable for broiler noses and provides patient satisfaction. Most people like this type of nose because of the humidity, drooping, width, and deviation of the nose so that the nose does not look artificial, despite its prettier appearance. Of course, men are more in favor of natural nose than ladies. The most important advantage of the natural model is that people you meet in the future will not notice your rhinoplasty. Also, your friends and relatives will accept and accustom your nose form after a while and forget about the past. According to the professors of cosmetic surgery, a successful operation is considered to be a very natural result and no trace of surgery, either in the form of an arch or a large angle or in the sutures.

Natural/Normal Model , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

• Fantasy model

In the fantasy model of the nose, it is designed in a way that is distinct from the natural state. Among the results of this model are making the tip of the nose toward up, making nose smaller and the arch behind the nose. In this model, angular is made between 110 and 130 degrees between the nose and upper lip. The fantasy model is more popular among women than men.

• Doll model

One of the fantacy models is the doll model which has long been the subject of many rhinoplasty surgeries in Iran. The dolls’ noses, though still popular, are dwindling. This model is fashionable and beautiful but not suitable for everyone, especially those with large facial and nose, because it destroys the proportion and balance of their faces. On the other hand, the difference between this model and normal nose makes it easier for people to know that you have done rhinoplasty. In fact, these noses refer to the term “practical” or “artificial”. This can be annoying to you, especially after a few years. Therefore, one should not consider the transient emotions of adolescence and youth when choosing your nose model.

Fantasy and Doll model , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

Another disadvantage of this rhinoplasty model is the likelihood of complications such as postoperative respiratory problems. This complication is especially likely in the broiler nose. In rhinoplasty, the size of the nose is reduced to a small amount, but in large noses to create a fantasy model, the size of the nose needs to be reduced more. In the case of bony noses, this excessive size decrease can cause nasal breathing disorder. For example, the person’s breathing may not be muted and his/her breathing may be heard or he/she may have to breathe more through the mouth due to blocked airway. Bone noses are usually the better cases for fantasy nose surgery.
From other types of fantasy nose surgery models we can name from pig model. In pig model of nose, the tip of the nose is too overhead. In general, abnormal models may have nasal dysfunctions such as respiratory and olfactory problems, while the individual may be dislodged over time.

Result of fantasy model on a bony nose , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

• Semi-Fantasy model

In this model, the surgeon attempts to integrate the characteristics of the two previous models. In such a way that the nose achieves a state of natural and fantasy. In the semi-fantasy model, the physician tries to match the size and shape of the nose with the other facial components, making the nose tip slightly higher than normal and its arch slightly. The nose in semi-fantasy model is smaller than the normal model, but the nasal breathing function may not be as good as normal.

Semi-Fantasy model , Rhinoplasty in Iran-pars med tour offers medical tourism services in Iran

Which type of nose models is the best for me?

One of the differentiating aspects of rhinoplasty in Iran is the presence of skilled, experienced and caring physicians. Doctors who carefully examine the patient’s face and nose before surgery and recommend the most appropriate model by measuring the necessary parameters. So if you plan to have rhinoplasty in Iran, do not stress too much in this area, because Iranian surgeons are doing their job properly.

Pars Med Tour is with you at all stages of rhinoplasty in Iran. We connect you to experienced and reputable physicians who are very careful in choosing a nose model so that you can be satisfied and return to your home with a more beautiful face and nose.
If you still have doubts about rhinoplasty in Iran, we recommend you click here to learn more about nose job in Iran. But if you have made your final decision on rhinoplasty in Iran, just contact us.